Pyon Moo Do Curriculum Videos

Here is a collection of demonstration and instructional videos for former students and staff.

Pyon Moo Do Intro Video
Pyon Moo Do Yoga Set
How to do a perfect pushup
How to fold your Dobok (Uniform)
How to tie your belt

Pyon Moo Do Adult Curriculum

We didn’t get everything filmed before closing, so there are some missing elements below.

White Belt

White Belt is a self-contained curriculum that prepared students for entering the rotating curriculum taught at the color belt level. Each element of the curriculum below is design to support your understanding of techniques, and to condition your body, for more advanced training.

Kwan Bup
Kicking Test
Long Form — In Hyung

Basic Striking:
Kicks 1-5
Hand Strikes 1-8
Elbow Strikes 1-4

Tactile Skills:
Hubut 1-7

Basic Self Defense 1-12 (coming soon!)
Basic Dance of Pain 1-6
Extra–Basic Dance of Pain with Flow
Basic Nak Bup 1-5

Color Belt Curriculum

For color belts, self-defense and tactile skills were taught as a separate curriculum from the belt ranks. While specific form was taught to specific belt levels, this other material was broken into sections that all color belts worked on at the same time, regardless of rank. Belt tests would cover the curriculum section that was currently being taught.

Color Belt Forms

Yellow Belt Form

Kwan Bup — Hand Combinations Set
Kicking Test — Back Kick Combinations Set
Long Form — Oui Hyung

Orange Belt Form

Kwan Bup — Dora Anteri Combination Set
Kicking Test — Plum Flower Post Combination Set
Long Form — Balance Form

Green Belt Form

Kicking Test — Double-Jumping Kick Combination Set
Kwan Bup — High-Spin Kick Combination Set
Long Form — Yeh Hyung

Blue Belt Form

Kwan Bup — Jump-Spin Kick Combination Set
Kicking Test — Speed Combination Set (see instructor)
Long Form — Ji Hyung

Purple Belt Form

Kwan Bup — Standing Kick Combination Set
Kicking Test — Speed Combination Set (see instructor)
Long Form — Shin Hyung

Red Belt Form

Kwan Bup — Standing Kick Combination Set
Kicking Test — Speed Combination Set (see instructor)
Long Form — Sun Hyung

Brown Belt Form

Kwan Bup — Standing Kick Combination Set
Kicking Test — Speed Combination Set (see instructor)
Long Form — Duk Hyung

Color Belt Self-Defense and Tactile Drill Sections

Section 1 – Boxing

Boxing Blocking 1-8
Boxing Counters 1-15

Section 2 – Hubut & Joint Locks

Hubut Disruptions 1-12
Intermediate Dance of Pain 1-11

Section 3 – Knife Defenses

Dan Gum Maki Sul 1-35

Section 4 – Self Defense

Intermediate Self Defense 1-27

Section 5 – Standing Grappling

Clinch 1-5
Take Downs 1-10

Section 6 – Ground Grappling

Ground Flow Sets

Section 7 – Kali

8 Angles – Stick & Knife
Basic Stick Strikes 1-5
Open Hand vs. Knife Flows
Knife vs. Knife Flows
7-Step Distance
Kali 10-Step

Pum Dan

Pum Dan was the final stage before Black Belt testing. In addition to review of all previous curriculum, Pum Dan had its own material.


Kwan Bup — Four-Direction Kick Combination Set
Long Form — Chung Hyung
Long Form — Yong Hyung

Tactile Skills

Stick, Hammer and Kerambit Techniques

Self Defense

Jok Bang A Sul

Archive of Extra-Curricular Material

In addition to the core curriculum, there are a ton of non-curricular open-hand and weapons forms, as well as technique sets. This section is dedicated to documenting these elements of Pyon Moo Do.

Open Hand Long Forms

Hwarangdo (Classical Versions)

Hwarang In Hyung

Hwarang Oui Hyung

Hwarang Yeh Hyung

Hwarang Ji Hyung

Hwarang Shin Hyung

Hwarang Sun Hyung

Hwarang Duk Hyung

Hwarang Chung Hyung

Hwarang Yong Hyung

Hwarang Um Yang Hyung

Hwarang Moo In Duk Lip Hyung

Chung Gae Hyung

Kum Gae Hyung

Tukong Moosul

Basic Form 1

Basic Form 2

Basic Form 3 (Kum Kang Pyeok Kwa-金布屏課)

Peyong Won

Balance Form

Solim Yin Hyeung (Solim 1)

Sam Kang

San Chin

Ul Gi

Solim Kwan Bup

Solim I Hyeung (Solim 2)

Solim Sam Hyeung (Solim 3)

Mo Mien Kuen/Tensaijitsu

Frightened Monkey Form

Tsieh Tou Kung

Sun Wu Kung

Tibetan Snake

Girl Style

Pinon I (Dogata)

Pinon II (Mizugata)

Weapon Forms


Basic 8 Angles

Basic 5 Cuts

Sa Ban Ta Sul

Gum Sul II

Bi Rum Gum

Tukong Gum Sul Hyung

Hwarang Gum Moo Hyung

Kwan Chang Hyung

Yuk Gum Hyung

Ip Sun Do

San Param Gum Hyung


Nunchaku Basic 1

Nunchaku Basic 2

San Param Ssang Jyel Bong Hyung


Bong Sul Stretch

Tukong Bong Sul Hyung

San Param Bong Hyung

Hwa Rang Jang Bong Hyung


San Param Jang Bong Hyung (spear)

Cha Ru Hyung (tonfa)

Hwarang Dan Gum Hyung (knife)

Hwarang Dan Bong Hyung (short stick)

Kali 10-Step

Neigong Forms

Ipsun (Korean Taiji)

Kigong Bup

Sa Hap Kwon

5 Elements

Tea Cup Form

Sam Yang

Ip Sun Hyung

Ip Sun Do (sword)

Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong

Ye Su Zou

Taiji Shen Gong